What Is A Title Company?

What Is A Title Company?

Discussion With A Real Estate Agent

Most people don’t know what a title company does because title companies don’t typically advertise their services.

A title company serves as a third-party that both the buyer and the seller can trust and who coordinates the activities between buyer and seller according to the sale and purchase agreement.

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The purpose of a title company is to inspect the title history of a property to ensure that when the title is transferred (property bought or sold), all liens and other claims of ownership from past owners are settled and removed. Liens can include current owner mortgage, past due property taxes, unpaid contractor fees, etc. Title companies also ensure their work. The insurance covers problems and legal fees that arise if there were still liens or claims of ownership that weren’t previously settled.

Lastly, once the transaction is complete, the buyer receives the title to the real estate along with a title policy and the seller receives the money.

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