7 Reasons To Use Us Over A “Traditional” Closing Agency

7 Reasons To Use

1. We are a title company backed by lawyers.

When a real estate agent has difficulty closing, we can suggest solutions for purposes of closing the deal. This could include drafting special language for the terms of the purchase-sale contract or out-of-the-box options that will satisfy both the buyer and seller. We know the law and the legal requirements to get the job done and close the deal.

2. We offer services traditional title companies cannot.

We are authorized to draft power of attorney, mortgages, notes, corrective instruments so that clear title can be obtained, and many other documents to help the transaction.

3. We believe in education.

Our core believe is our obligation to provide answers to questions and provide a solution to a clients, realtors, lenders and investors with real estate concerns.

4. We offer the latest technology services.

Our client e-portal allows you to send message and view the status of your closing. No longer do you have to wonder if your targeted closing date will be moved. Realtors do not need to search their entire emails to review that needed message. Documents are shared securely directly with the parties involved who can download and upload documents to the e-portal.

5. We can guide you through the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, commonly known as FIRPTA.

There many possible pitfalls for unwary Buyers of home and other types of real property in the United States from foreign Sellers. This is a complicated tax, but we understand and can guide you through the federal tax law. Provide solutions to exempt or reduce the tax.

6. We can give legal advice to real estate investors.

As attorneys we can provide comprehensive legal advice to a real estate investor that a traditional title agency cannot. We can help you maximize your investments with legal strategies.

7. We offer 1031 Exchange Services.

The benefit to an investor of a 1031 exchange services is to empower investors and preserve equity and save tax dollars through tax-deferred exchanges.
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