We absolutely love what we do at Monarch Law & Title. We are helping build your unique American Dream!

Monarch Law & Title was founded with the vision of extending the American Dream of property ownership, to our friends, family, clients, and to people across the world. WE BELIEVE in property ownership and that it is available to everyone, whether you are an American Citizen or a Foreign Investor with a vision of investing in the American Dream.

America has always welcomed immigrants who come to this country with their work ethic and appreciation of liberty, seeking the promises and opportunities of the American Dream

WE UNDERSTAND that owning a home or commercial property is a solid investment that leads to stability, economic security and wealth. When it comes to owning a home, few people in the world pursue the dream with as much vigor, desire or penny-pinching thrift as a visionary.

We are headquartered in Central Florida, Orlando, the fastest growing area in the State of Florida.

We are a company owned by an attorney who has a total of 20 years of experience and expertise in Florida’s various real estate and title laws. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to serve your every need.

OUR GOAL is to ensure a smooth, stress free and efficient closing transaction for every party involved.

OUR JOB is to educate our clients, as well as place them in the best possible position. At Monarch Law & Title, we proficiently guide investors, residential and commercial buyers and sellers, developers, Realtors, lenders and foreign nationals through the often-complex regulations surrounding real estate.

We know that YOU DESERVE the BEST title services during closings, and we can’t wait to prove to you why we deserve to earn your trust.

Whether you are a commercial bank or a local mortgage lender, a national franchise or a local boutique real estate agency, Monarch Law & Title is committed to helping you achieve your American Dream by fulfilling your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices

The agency maintains “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” as set forth by the American Land Title Association. By doing so, Monarch Law & Title guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of all clients. In addition, clients can be assured that all funds held in escrow by the agency are safe and secure.

To help people achieve their American Dream of home ownership through personal connections, unique professional expertise and exceptional customer service.
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