A Title Agent is like an Air Traffic Controller:

Many buyers and sellers often wonder what a real estate closing attorney does other than conduct the closing. Well, quite a bit of work actually.  We carefully coordinate with the Seller, Buyer, Real Estate Agents, and Lenders to bring everything together for a perfect landing at the closing table.

Our main responsibilities include:

  • Holding the earnest money deposit in an escrow account — if applicable
  • Running a title search and performing an examination of the title
  • Working to clear any and all current and potential title issues
  • Ordering any necessary payoffs, estoppel letters, municipal lien search, survey, etc.
  • Preparing all necessary documents to clear and transfer title
  • Coordinating the day and time of the closing with all parties involved in the transaction
  • Facilitating the signing of and having the notary for all required documents
  • Recording the necessary documents after signing
  • Issuing any title insurance policies
  • Disbursing the funds according to the settlement statement or closing disclosure

Just like you can choose your airline, many sellers and buyers don’t realize that they may request to select their own closing agent and attorney, rather than being assigned one by the bank or their realtor.

The closing attorney can be compared to a “air traffic controller.”  The closing agent is synchronizing a lot of different moving parts so that the closing lands on time and on schedule.

Our goal at Monarch Law & Title is to clear title, close on time without any errors and provide all the parties an overall stress free and enjoyable “closing experience”.

We, at Monarch Law & Title , guide you through the entire real estate transaction helping you achieve your American Dream.  From the time you enter into a Sale/Purchase Agreement for the home of your dreams, the first property to start your investment portfolio, or the real estate deal of a lifetime — to the closing table.

To navigate to the closing table many tasks must be completed simultaneously, properly, and in a timely manner behind the scenes.

The attorneys and agents at Monarch Law & Title are detailed oriented to find clouds on title, such as . . . unpaid real estate taxes, defective transfers of title, and clear other liens on properties.

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Download our Instant Net Sheets (Closing Cost Calculator) and impress them with an immediate estimate of their closing costs and estimated net proceeds along with your knowledge of the industry and marketing expertise. It is also helpful for assisting with the decision to accept or counter an offer from a potential buyer.

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